Moving to a new country isn’t easy. Moving to a new country with zero relatives or friends and  working multiple part-time jobs to pay international student fees all while embarking on your journey as a dancer, is even more daunting. 

Shivani Joshi faced all of that in her first couple of years after moving from India to settle in Canada. She quickly realized that many people were hesitant to give newcomers a chance when it came to pursuing their passion for dance. 

These challenges prompted Shivani to create Team Nritya – a dance group formed with current and former international students whose mission is to leave a mark of their culture and identity while overcoming the obstacles of living in a foreign country.  Since starting Team Nritya, Shivani and her team have been able to showcase their dance skills at various events, including this year’s #StayHome with #BollywoodMonster Mashup, where they graced the stage with classical indian dance. They danced along to Gujarati hits such as “Fagan Foramto Aayo” and “Halaji Tar Hath” by Pamela Jain, Jigardan Gadahvi, Abhita Patel and Aditya Gadhavi.

Through the #MonsterArtist development (MAD) program, we share the stories of our talented, local artists. This week, we sat down with Shivani from Team Nritya, who shares her story of overcoming adversity as a dancer.

Check out Shivani’s video!