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What is Bollywood all about? Dazzling colours, intoxicating beats, classical instruments melding with modern sounds, beautiful people, and beautiful designs. And, of course, dreaming BIG, monstrously big! With its very existence, Bollywood has the ability to bring cultures together through festival and celebration. Vikas Kohli, a musical man himself, dreamed the monster dream too. And, the end result? He created the LARGEST South Asian Festival in Canada, #BollywoodMonster Mashup, an event that shares the elegant yet ecstatic Bollywood culture with everyone. An event that helps bring cultures together.
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Join us for a festival as electrically entertaining as Bollywood films themselves! We are thrilled to offer festival-goers world-class performers and one-of-a-kind entertainment, expanding on the classics and re-composing songs to create awesome new fusions!
#BollywoodMonster Mashup is orchestrated to please the senses of young and old alike, and is ever-expanding. Join us to catch Canadian premiere performances by international Bollywood stars while feasting at our new Monster FoodFest; have a blast at our KidZone with both physical and crafty activities, enjoy a world-class music and dance entertainment show, shopping, a special VIP event, a multi-arts, comedy and urban music showcase event and more! #BollywoodMonster Mashup is a festival the whole family can enjoy.
Launched in 2011, and organized by an award-winning team, #BollywoodMonster Mashup is the LARGEST South Asian festival in Canada!
  • “Thousands showed up for BMM this year!”

    – Gurdeep Ahluwalia, CP24

  • “I haven’t seen a show as exciting, well put together and well-organized as BMM.”

    – Himanshu Merchant, Bollywood Dragon Orchestra

  • “I had a great experience and enjoyed a lot of wonderful moments!”

    – Feihong Nan, Bollywood Dragon Orchestra

  • “Great show! Bollywood Monster Mashup was very memorable and an entirely new musical language for me.”

    – Jay Burak, Bollywood Dragon Orchestra