Annual and Seasonal Opportunities

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Senior Contract Opportunities

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Senior Contract Opportunities

monstrARTity is currently seeking applicants for three one-year senior consultant contract positions (renewing annually), with availability from January 10, 2022.

Programming Management Lead
Marketing Management Lead
Market Research Lead

Descriptions of the positions and application form are below.

Annual and Seasonal Opportunities

monstrARTity is currently seeking applicants for one youth employment position, with availability from Nov 8, 2021:

Web Developer Support

Descriptions of the positions and application form are below.

Positions will support the following programs: 

1) #BollywoodMonster Mashup, the largest South Asian festival in Canada. Rated the #1 festival at Celebration Square by the City of Mississauga in 2019 and winner of the 2019 MARTY award for the Festival of the Year by the Mississauga Arts Council;

2) #MonsterArts for Youth, which provides children of all backgrounds hands-on workshops in Bollywood and bhangra dance, Hindi music, ghazal writing, mandala-making, filmmaking and more, led by professional artists to break cultural silos and fill gaps as part of a culturally relevant curriculum;

3) #MonsterArts for Seniors, which provides the elderly with stimulating, professionally-led arts workshops in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil and more to reduce feelings of isolation;

4) #MonsterArts for Wellness, which provides corporations with professionally-led workshops in South Asian arts for the purposes of team-building, diversity and inclusion and mental health;

5) #Monster Arts at Home, a series of free, participatory South Asian arts workshops in music, dance and visual arts broadcast on Facebook Live;

6) MAD, which provides diverse artists entrepreneurship and social media mentorship via its collective members;

Born in 2011, MonstrARTity is an award-winning, Mississauga-based incorporated not-for-profit arts organization, amplifying South Asian arts in diverse communities via festivals, interactive workshops for youth & seniors, artist mentorship and youth employment programs.

* These positions are a combination of remote work, team conference calls and meetings in Mississauga. Meetings are currently being conducted virtually due to COVID-19. This will be modified according to provincial and Peel Public Health guidelines.*

Descriptions of the positions and application form are below.

Current Senior Contract Openings

Current Annual and Seasonal Employment Openings

Join The Monstrous Team

  • “When I first got hired at MonstrARTity, I didn’t have much confidence in my skills. Through the mentorship of amazing people on this team, I’ve learned and accomplished more than I ever thought possible. I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t applied here; it’s been the most rewarding experience ever.”

    Music Engraver (2017-2020)
  • “It’s so much fun, it barely feels like you’re working”

    Web Developer (2018 & 2019)
  • “I love the team and I love what we do. I love that we spread art across the GTA [….] it’s just such an incredible experience to be able to be behind the scenes of these festivals […] and to get better at what you want to do”

    Graphic Design (2018), PR & Marketing (2019)
  • “I’ve learned so much here that I feel like…you would not pick up these skills in a bigger company”

    PR & Marketing (2018), Social Media (2019)
  • “I’ve been wanting to mention that as I’ve now finished school and looking back through my experiences, working at MonstrARTity was probably my favourite. I learned so much from Fil and a line I never forget is when he mentioned that we are not judged by what happens to us, instead it’s on how we deal with it. Thanks for everything 😁”

    Web Developer (2017)

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MonstrARTity is an equal opportunity employer and encourages diverse candidates to apply. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Recent immigrants and recent refugees (“recent” is defined as having arrived in Canada within the past five years);
  • Youth who have not previously been employed and for whom this would be their first job experience;
  • Indigenous persons;
  • Persons with disabilities;
  • Persons who have not completed high school;
  • Visible minorities;
  • Members of the LGBTQ2+ community; and
  • Women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

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    1. What past experiences have you had that would help you in this role? Please provide two examples.

    2. What would you personally consider a perfect balance of in-person vs remote work, and why?

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