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#MonsterArtist Development

Started in 2017, #MonsterArtist Development (MAD) provides diverse artists with entrepreneurship and social media mentorship via its collective members. Artists are connected with industry gatekeepers to help them get paid gigs and connected to a supportive network of South Asian artists for collaborations. Artists receive electronic press kits (EPKs), show reels, and coaching to launch efficient paid and organic social media campaigns.


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  • “[Programs like MAD] are extremely important. Dancers, musicians, and artists in general forget that you are your own business. You are your own admin, your social media manager, your content creator, etc. Sometimes we need somebody outside of us to remind us of things we need to focus on.”

    BollyHeels TO
    Indiana Mehta
  • “I really appreciated the diversity of information that was presented from marketing to curation to lessons as a performer to the inside workings of festivals and performances. I learned a lot about the intersectionality of different art practices (behind-the-scenes and performative) and aiming to meet audiences with the performers. All in all, a very fulfilling learning experience.”

    Frog in Hand
    Jessica Cen
    Frog in Hand
  • “It’s extremely important to have [programs like MAD] accesible to a variety of artists. It gives them the opprotunity to showcase themselves on a professional platform that they otherwise may not be able to avail. It shows them that their work also matters, and it helps their music be accessible to various audiences as well!”

    Shirsha Chakraborty
    #BollywoodMonster Orchestra
  • “[The MAD program] is quite informative and interesting. For each topic, the speakers provided so much knowledge and insight about various, different topics related to our growth as artists, and MonstrARTity being the platform to help connect us to potential opportunities.”

    Reign Yash Dance
    Rennie Varghese
    Reign Yash Dance Academy
  • “This is my first year really getting to know the work that MonstrARTity does [and participating in the MAD program]. In my experiences as a dance and theatre artist, I always find I am the only (or one of very few) South Asian artists in the room. This has been a wonderful, eye-opening experience to be in a room (albeit a digital one) with majority South Asian and racialized artists. I am inspired to learn more about the artists I met today, and also to learn more about my cultural lineage and how I can incorporate more of those ideas in my own artistic practice.”

    Frog in Hand
    Rohan Dhupar
    Frog in Hand
  • “I think [the MAD program] is extremely important for diverse artists as there isn’t an abundance of opportunities available for artists such as us. It’s also a great way for us to expand and network.”

    Melissa Marie Dance
    Melissa Roopchand
    Melissa Marie Dance


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