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Originally created to celebrate South Asian Heritage month in May, the Monster Arts for Youth (MAY) program is now available throughout the entire year!


The #MonsterArts for Youth (MAY) program brings professional, world-class artists into the classroom to teach students about South Asian culture and history through arts, film, toys and games.

MAY workshops provide an unprecedented way to break cultural silos and fill a gap within the school curriculum. They offer South Asian students an opportunity to see their culture reflected in the curriculum while non-South Asian students are provided with a learning experience to gain knowledge and understanding for the South Asian heritage. The workshops are available at all schools in the whole GTA region at a subsidized rate.


The #MonsterArts for Seniors Program is a program wherein South Asian seniors receive free workshops from experienced artists in various South Asian art forms such as dance, music, poetry and visual arts. The program was created to address community issues. As there are very few cultural and language specific programs that are relevant to seniors within the South Asian community, our goal is to provide them with a chance to reconnect with their peers through free, interactive workshops that are led by experienced artists.

In addition to providing a space for seniors, the #MonsterArts for Seniors program strives to reduce feelings of isolation and instead help build camaraderie through our interactive music, dance and arts workshops. The program is offered in various  languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu and Gujarati and as of 2020, workshops are now available virtually.

  • “It is always difficult for teachers to ensure that culturally relevant materials is covered in a professional way, we don’t often have the access to what we need. to have this program relieves our stress and benefits the students”

    – Janet ClattenBurg, Teacher, Derry West Village PS

  • “Very important for students to be exposed to other cultures – also this is directly connected to the Grade Two curriculum as well as it teaches students about the need to be INCLUSIVE which is one of our character traits.”

    – Wendy Murray, Teacher, Janet McDougald PS

  • “Students left with knowledge of a dance style that may have been familiar, but never actually experienced. Very beneficial!“

    – Amanda Rocha, Teacher, Hillside

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