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MAY Contest — Win a FREE Workshop

MonstrARTity is excited to introduce the MAY contest – an opportunity for you and your fellow teacher to win one FREE MAY workshop for each of you. In order to be eligible to participate, you need to order at least one paid workshop this school year. To be considered for the contest, you need to do the following: 

SAME DAY as the workshop:
-Post on Facebook and/or Twitter your pictures and a few sentences about the MAY workshop; tag @MonstrARTity in your post 
-Follow @MonstrARTity 
-Tag a fellow teacher from your school or another school who you would also like to win a free MAY workshop (only one tag of a fellow teacher is allowed per post) 

AFTER the MAY workshop:
-Post your photos and details up until Mar 31st and tag your fellow teacher(s) (the same one or different every time, up to you) and @MonstrARTity as often as you want 

Every post is considered as an entry and increases your chances to win. 

A few things to consider: 
-Unlimited number of entries 
-Winner to be announced on April 6th 
-The free workshop will be given in the month of May, which is the South Asian Heritage Month.



MonstrARTity Presents
M.A.Y. Visual Arts Workshop
In this workshop students are encouraged to explore and celebrate South Asian culture and heritage as they learn a new South Asian visual arts technique. In each workshop the art supplies necessary for the art form or craft are provided. Students are taught the techniques necessary to create their artwork, while learning about the history and cultural significance of the medium. Students are then encouraged to present their work to their classmates with integrity and ownership.

Appropriate for all levels.
Curriculum Connections: Art, Social Sciences/Humanities, Canadian and World Studies

MonstrARTity Presents
M.A.Y. Dance Workshop
Experience the colourful and dynamic dance traditions from South Asia. We offer workshops in various styles of Indian folk, classical and Bollywood dances. A professional dancer will teach student the fundamentals then string them together into a dance routine. The discipline becomes a medium for inclusion and self-expression.

Appropriate for Kindergarten and above. Curriculum Connections: Physical Education, Music, Social Sciences/Humanities, Canadian and World Studies

MonstrARTity Presents
M.A.Y. Film Workshop
The film workshop begins with an overview on how to make a film. A professional film director or producer then explains the steps for pre-production, shooting, and post-production. Next, a comparison of two different South Asian films provides an opportunity to discuss the different results a filmmaker can achieve, and why, and the different themes most often explored in South Asian cinematography. Students are then encouraged to volunteer to re-enact three or four major scenes from one of the films, followed by constructive feedback about the students’ creative choices. The end of the workshop is an opportunity for students to ask any other questions about filmmaking that were not previously addressed.

Appropriate for Grade 8 and above.
Curriculum Connections: Art, Social Sciences/Humanities, English/Language Arts, Canadian and World Studies

MonstrARTity Presents
M.A.Y. Music Workshop
In this workshop, students have an opportunity to express themselves through a new musicality and celebrate the unique sounds of South Asian music. Our instructors will discuss the beautiful design of musical instruments and their cultural significance. Modelled after how traditional music is taught in India, students will learn commonly used time signatures, compose a short piece then present in vocal percussion.

Appropriate for grade 4 and up..
Curriculum Connections: Music, Math, Social Sciences/Humanities, English/Language Arts, Canadian and World Studies

MonstrARTity Presents
M.A.Y. Poetry and Spoken Word Workshop
This workshop is curated to meet the grade and proficiency level of the students. Younger participants will learn the basics of creative writing and presentation. For the higher grades, our instructors will introduce forms such as ghazal, chain poems and anaphora poems. Students will learn how to compose and present their work with integrity, collaboration and creativity.

Appropriate for Grade 2 and above.
Poetry forms include: ghazals, chain poems, anaphora poems.
Curriculum Connections: Social Sciences/Humanities, English/Language Arts, Canadian and World Studies

MonstrARTity Presents
M.A.Y. Ancient Toys and Games Workshop
Did you know that many of the classic games that we enjoy today originate in India? Our historical toy expert will take students back to a time before plastic and electricity. Participants will learn about the evolution of some well-known games and make their own toys. Material will be provided for the workshop. A sense of community is created through communication and playing together.

Appropriate for kindergarten to Gr. 6 Curriculum connection: Art, Social Studies, Humanities, Environmental Education, Canadian and World Studies.