MonstrARTity is excited to introduce MAY contest and opportunity for you and your fellow teacher to win one FREE MAY workshop for each of you. In order to be eligible to participate, you need to order at least one paid workshop this school year. To be considered for the contest, you need to do the following: SAME DAY as the workshop: – post on Facebook and/or Twitter your pictures and a few sentences about the MAY workshop, tag @MonstrARTity in your post – follow @MonstrARTity – tag a fellow teacher from your school or another school who you would also like to win a free MAY workshop (only one tag of a fellow teacher is allowed per post) AFTER the MAY workshop – post your photos and details up until Mar 31st with tag of your fellow teacher(s) (the same one or different every time, up to you) and @MonstrARTity as often as you want – every post considered as an entry and increases your chances to win. A few things to consider: * Unlimited number of entries * Winner to be announced on April 6th * The free workshop will be given in the month of May, which is the South Asian Heritage Month.