The #MonsterArts programs have gone VIRTUAL! Now our interactive art workshops are available through video conference and livestream.

The #MonsterArts for Seniors Program is going VIRTUAL!

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#MonsterArts for Seniors Program

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The #MonsterArts for Seniors Program is a program wherein South Asian seniors receive free workshops from experienced artists in various South Asian art forms such as dance, music, poetry and visual arts. The program was created to address community issues. As there are very few cultural and language specific programs that are relevant to seniors within the South Asian community, our goal is to provide them with a chance to reconnect with their peers through free, interactive workshops that are led by experienced artists.

In addition to providing a space for seniors, the #MonsterArts for Seniors program strives to reduce feelings of isolation and instead help build camaraderie through our interactive music, dance and arts workshops. The program is offered in various languages such as English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu and Gujarati and as of 2020, workshops are now available virtually.
  • “One of our male participants began to tear up. He was reminiscing about something or someone from his past that the song reminded him of and someone pointed out that it was a love song. He smiled as well and let us know it was the good kind of tears. Pushpinder’s performance allowed him to feel that emotion.”

    – Senior Care Worker

  • “What I liked about the workshop is the creativity it brings out in me and that it is expanding my mind.”

    – Senior

  • “One client was following along to the moves in her seat and was smiling watching the others. She seemed a bit hesitant to stand up and dance, but I could tell she wanted to and encouraged her to try some moves standing. We positioned another chair in front of her so she could hold the back of it for support if she needed. She remained standing for the rest of the time. She really enjoyed that opportunity to fully participate.”

    – Senior Care Worker

  • “Graceful, gentle exercises. Krystal spent enough time on each movement for us to pick them up. It is also nice to do exercises in a group.”

    – Senior

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