The #MonsterArts programs have gone VIRTUAL! Now our interactive art workshops are available through video conference and livestream.


The #MonsterArts for Youth (MAY) program brings professional, world-class artists into the classroom to teach students about South Asian culture and history through arts, film, and dance.

MAY workshops provide an unprecedented way to break cultural silos and fill a gap within the school curriculum. They offer South Asian students an opportunity to see their culture reflected in the curriculum while non-South Asian students are provided with a learning experience to gain knowledge and understanding for the South Asian heritage. The workshops are available at all schools in the whole GTA region at a subsidized rate.

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  • “It is always difficult for teachers to ensure that culturally relevant materials is covered in a professional way, we don’t often have the access to what we need. to have this program relieves our stress and benefits the students”

    – Janet ClattenBurg, Teacher, Derry West Village PS

  • “Very important for students to be exposed to other cultures – also this is directly connected to the Grade Two curriculum as well as it teaches students about the need to be INCLUSIVE which is one of our character traits.”

    – Wendy Murray, Teacher, Janet McDougald PS

  • “Students left with knowledge of a dance style that may have been familiar, but never actually experienced. Very beneficial!“

    – Amanda Rocha, Teacher, Hillside

  • “The best story I have to share about my experience is from Balmoral School where at the end of the workshop one teacher came to me and told me that a new Syrian refugee student had joined the school two weeks ago. This student was very quiet and when she spoke most teachers and students didn’t understand her. The teacher said my dance workshop was the first time in two weeks this student had smiled and engaged and come alive and looked happy. THIS is why this program is needed.”

    – Lopa Sarkar, MAY Instructor, Dance

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Some schools in the Peel District School Board that have requested a MAY workshop include:

  • Applewood School
  • Balmoral Drive Senior Public School
  • Balmoral Senior Public school
  • Balmoral Sr. Public School
  • Belfountain Public School
  • Beryl Ford Public School
  • Brisdale Public School
  • Caledon East Public School
  • Castlebridge Public School
  • Cawthra Park Secondary School
  • Centennial Senior Public School
  • Chinguacousy Secondary School
  • Copeland Public School
  • Corliss Public School
  • Corsair Public School
  • Darcel Avenue Senior Public School
  • Darcel Senior Public School
  • Earnscliffe Public School
  • Earnscliffe Senior Public School
  • Erin Centre Middle School
  • Fallingdale Public School
  • Garthwood park Public School
  • Glendale Public School
  • Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School
  • Grenoble Public School
  • Herb Campbell Public School
  • Homestead Public School
  • Janet I. McDougald
  • John Fraser Secondary School
  • Larkspur Public School
  • Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School
  • Lorenville Public School
  • Marvin Heights Public School
  • Massey Street Public School
  • McKinnon Public School
  • Morning Star Middle School
  • Rick Hansen Secondary School
  • Riverside Public School
  • Royal Orchard Middle School
  • Sheridan Park Public School
  • Springbrook Public School
  • The Woodlands School
  • Thorn Lodge Public School
  • Thorndale Public School
  • Vista Heights Public School
  • W.G. Davis Senior Public School
  • West Credit Secondary School
  • Whitehorn Public School

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