We’ve all known that R&B stands for Rhythm and Blues, however, one band in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) decided to put a spin on the word R&B. Instead, to them R&B stands for Rock and Bhangra.

The R&B United Band is one of the most versatile bands you’ll come across in Canada. They have over 20 years of experience and the band is formed of a talented group of musicians who combine their expertise and versatility to put on top-notch performances. While their name stands for Rock and Bhangra, this band is able to perform multiple genres such as Bollywood, Sufi, Bhangra, Ghazal, Gujarati and more, as well as western genres such as Rock, Pop, Latin and Country.

In this #MonsterArtist Development (MAD) video, founder of the R&B United Band, Asad Khan reveals his secret to finding the right bandmates who can play any music genre you can think of!