We’ve all heard of fusion dance styles but what happens when you throw in a pair of heels? 

BollyHeelsTO is founded by Anushya Vijayaraghevan and Indiana Mehta, two South Asian artists who have an extensive background in western and eastern dance styles. 

Anushya has an extensive background in teaching Bollywood fusion. She’s fused Bollywood, Hip Hop and Bhangra in her performances and has performed at events such as National WE Day and the Canadian Tire Centre. Indiana is trained in Indian classical and various western dance forms such as jazz, ballet, and contemporary. She has had the opportunity to perform for a Netflix feature film where she’s seen as a principal actor and dancer. Indiana has also performed for the Rose Theatre Brampton, Sun Life, Bell Canada, Scotia Bank Arena and many other prominent venues in the past.   

The dance duo has come together to showcase Bollywood fusion in heels while also promoting diversity through their dance group.

In this episode of #MonsterArtist Development (MAD), BollyHeelsTO shares how important it is to promote diversity by showcasing a range of cultural backgrounds and talents through dance.