Have you ever wondered how you can take your passion and turn it into a full-time career, but fear is holding you back?

Ria Aikat from the Giggle Queens shares how she overcame her fear and decided to pursue dance full-time with her best friend, Jennalee Desjardins.

The dancing duo, Ria and Jennalee, have created two brands for themselves – Giggle Queens, where they infuse their dance styles and perform at various festivals; and Dance Culture, a school program where professional artists showcase diverse cultures through dance.

This year, the dancing duo put on a fantastic performance at  #StayHome with #BollywoodMonster Mashup, where they danced to hits such as ‘Bindis and Bangles’ by Raja Kumari.

Be sure to check out this #MonsterArtist Development (MAD) video to learn all about overcoming fear and how you, too, can turn your passion into a full-time career.